You can read "the Law of Miracles" (chapter 30 of "Autobiography of a Yogi") at this website page


Everything in my "Spiritual Endeavors" journey has been learned from Swami Kriyananda.  He expounds the teachings of his Guru, Yogananda (Master),  who left this earth in 1952.

Master's mission in this new age of energy, was to clarify the teachings of Jesus, and to unite them with their counterpart truths; the teachings of ancient India. Some of these ancient eastern teachings, indeed, were recorded in a much higher age than when Jesus was on the Earth; and  concepts like thought transference and time travel were acceptable, and the norm.. because our very universe was closer in its orbit, to its dual sun core. 

Awareness develops cyclically; like the seasons, on an infinite (Planetary systems and beyond) level as well as an infinitesimal (molecular and beyond) level, too.  Imagine winter being the farthest spot on an orbital path around a sun.  Water would be ice; hard and immovable, as opposed to vaporous and transparent as summer brings us near the orbital center.

Thus, these scriptures that have come from ancient high ages can be finally grasped, and useful now --as we expand the reaches of what we are able to comprehend at this fluidly unfolding intuitive time.

When East and West unite in awareness to the goal of life, practicality and deep spirituality together will serve as tools to unleash the souls innate freedom potential. Yogananda sought to initiate this chain of events.

Swamiji is still alive.  He has written over 500 books, 400 pieces of (my favorite ever) music, started 8 world brotherhood communities, and has many many more accomplishments.  I read his book "The Path" and his Guru's book "Autobiography of a Yogi" when i was in my 20's.  In my 50's i was losing it..the very fight to want to stay in this world. Fed up with distractions and desires that led me nowhere but deeper into confusion.. I found him then.  I was finally ready...

I have written a book and many songs in reverence to him.  He is not an idle, but an ideal; a placeholder, if you will, for the presence of God in my life.  He is something in this world of relativities that I can see and feel, and aspire to. Then, when I get close enough that I can finally see the finish line for myself, I can let go of his hand.

 You can study the teachings and meditation techniques at

He is now working with a production company about a movie on Master's life.  Also there will be a movie about his own life as the founder of Ananda.


I can't more eagerly refer you to any event, than the release of such a movie for the reaching of all souls who are longing in their hearts to find these truths they had forgotten so long ago. 

 here at last is a movie coming about Yogananda.  Here is Swamiji orating on this teaser video of the upcoming event:



And here i so exhubarantly introduce Swami Kriyananda and this movie that's also being made about Ananda.

You can also visit the links below to see Swami Kriyananda teaching. You will challenge your perceptions about time, space and matter; finally gaining understanding as to how natural law (gravity, attraction, karma, relativity, magnetism..) is applied to elemental stages of substance (earth,(inertia), fire, water, air,ether), and how it behaves. 

As our right practices sharpen our intuition, we can perceive - as did the Saints,  beyond the pointer-theories of science, and experience the truth that thoughts are universally, and not individually rooted.. that various densities of vibrations are the underlying reality of all that exists.  And, even those vibrations at their essence are consciousness; center everywhere -- circumference nowhere (a staggering concept).

The goal of our existence indeed, is to fully realize this awareness;  to wake up; to surpass where we are now. We open to and magnetize toward the origin of that consciousness (In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.).

Just as the mouth of the river would open to become the ocean, we embrace  the whole, without the membranes of reason that made us seem separate.  Because  the agitation of that oceanic consciousness projecting vibrations into a creation caused the waves and troughs of duality, we must emerge back into the deep panoramic wholeness where the fluctuations are dwindled to  still calmness.

Then, divine peace. 

it is, if you think about it, rather like a big bang theory after all.  We are projected into creation out as far as we can go, into inertia.  Then make our way back to enlightenment..never to have to do that again, having returned safely. 

We are the prodigal sons. We must needs return home. We have learned love, and therein have completed the quest.  Time and space themselves are annihilated into the eternal changes everything.  

When you are able to live at your center, and not expect to experience your happiness on the outside at your periphery, then you are kin to the entity orbiting near its center and  into an enlightened age, and you are far more magnetized and inwardly aware of your connection to all that is.

We must ultimately achieve the ability to be a cause, not an effectBe ye therefore perfect as your father in Heaven is perfect.  The kingdom of God is within you.  The truth will set you free. 

Jesus and the Masters didn't come to show us how great they were.  They came to make us aware of our own potential, to find out how we could achieve what they had achieved. He came to fulfill the scripture.  He said "Do not your scriptures say ye are Gods".  Brothers to him and heirs to the Kingdom of God.."To sit at the right hand of the father and "Go Out No More..

 (into these lifetimes of schooling..)


here is a talk at new years from Swami.

also here is a recent talk from Jan. 29 at Ananda India in Pune



also, You can read the "Law of Miracles" (chapter 30 of "Autobiography of a Yogi") at this website page

and find out the truth that trumps all natural law .  It explains what science can only hint at.



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