Christmas in the Foothills

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Sharon Anderson
Ian Tyson/Sharon Anderson


this will make a wonderful playlist addition to all folk, americana, light pop, easy listening, and country stations.  Our great Canadian song painter of the west - Ian Tyson (4 Stong Winds, Someday Soon, Summer Wages, Navajo Rug, and On and On and On.. just visit his online resources and check out his many albums chocked full of classic Cowboy Poetry musical gems for the ages..)  He is resting at his ranch in Longview this Christmas.  It can be a bit bleak- we want to put a smile on his face, and offer a true Christmas Thank you from our hearts.  Pass it on!!   A brand new Christmas song sung by Sharon Anderson/cowritten with Ian.


New Music from Independent: Sharon Anderson "Christmas in the Foothills"with Ian Tyson from RDR music

Sharon Anderson<>
11/30/2018 9:37 PM



An Ian Tyson-Sharon Anderson song for your Christmas playlist this year



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Sharon Anderson

Christmas in the Foothills
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Christmas in the Foothills is a song very close to Sharon Anderson’s heart. It is a collaboration between herself and the legendary IAN TYSON.

“With a career that spans over 50 years I felt it was only fitting to salute one of Canada’s musical icons.”, says Sharon.  And we all wish him a healthy Christmas and a great New Year.

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Sharon Anderson

Christmas in the Foothills




Sharon Anderson


11/20/18 9:00 AM

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Sharon Anderson





Sharon Anderson
Christmas in the Foothills



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