The Wheel of Love

Sharon Andderson
Johnny Cymbal, Gary Smith, Capitol records 1991



The Wheel of love

This is an old Favorite off the Capitol Bottom line album of 1991.

The Wheel of Love was written By our beloved late hamster writer brother at All Nations Music: Johnny Cymbal.  We were in-house writers there and had some super great times. Johnny had written the huge pop hits : Cinnamon, Mr. Bassman, Mary in the morning for Elvis, among others.  He was a cut up and we loved him.  Gary Smith wrote it with him. 

you should google Johnny Cymbal and you can see a great video of him singing Cinnamon. I sure miss him.  Godspeed my friend.


the wheel of love keeps spinnin spinnin

always ready for a new beginnin

just when you've given up

here comes the wheel of love

the wheel of love keeps turnin turnin

new fires in your heart start burnin

you can say that it's the moon above

i believe it's just the wheel of love..