Its all about getting the task done.  At first.. then of course its fun.

But slog it out getting a pattern out of the cool ride or neat idea. Get a few sections that flow into each other well.. Record it. Record everything.  That’s the time consuming part.. listening thru and piecing together the stuff that worked.  (that’s how it gets engrained and rooted in your mind.. so it’s in the file to manipulate, so to speak..)

Your first stuff is usually the best. Whatever you came up with off the cuff.. to fill it all in..  Then the daunting task must be done of throwing together a completed framework.. pieced together.  Its frustrating cause it seems disjointed and un inspired.. sometimes even nursery rhymey.. but its gotta be done.  Then the magic can happen. Leave it alone for awhile (let the cake rise..heh..).  And you get feverishly giggly and it becomes so fun  when during your day (keep pen and paper with you) a melody slips in to one line, much better than the one you had.  It just sang itself while you were drivin or doing something at work.  A better phrase reveals itself etc.  Key words drop outa the sky!

It gets so much fun that you almost can’t stand it.

That’s how you make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

People think oh, we’re so creative.. so intelligent...when really we have the mentality of a ditch digger..just get in there and get er done at any cost.. cuz we know that’s the only way to initiate the next and final phase, when the gifts start falling right from the sky into their places.. and we simply know enough to stay out of the way then.. just step aside and gather them.


All our songs are waiting.. geez don’tcha think it’s time you pull me outa here.. you don’t have that much time left ya know.. and you’re more than ready for the rest of us to descend..



When you already write great instrumentals etc.

  It’s not even creativitiy really.. it’s just simple dog – cob –rough.. work.

But really quite easy.

In your case, having already created the perfected musical holding pattern, it is a matter of making a little nursery rhyme of words that go along with the phrasing,

And then learning that; singing it over and over.. then letting go and leaving it alone to ferment and come out in better pieces..



Its funny, but when I seem to have a good start, then I finish the thing up just fine.  And I just make this strange little rule to get all the framework in place.. with placeholders.. that means once the musical ride sounds pretty fresh and it’s bringing a sentiment of some kind with it, then I chop out the song statue out of the clump of many verses, what’s the best chord pattern for those, and melody..should it have a bridge etc.  and then I plug the whole thing with lyrics, so it is stamped in the ether so to speak.. no goin back now.  Whats funny about it is, even though this is just set as a preliminary chore in my mind, those lyrics I hurredly write down at first.. a lot of them end up being valid.

I think my single most sure fire method of getting my song, is the practice of recording the first melody that sparks the “feel good” senses.. I record that with humming along.

That has been my most sure success.  I refer to that recording the whole rest of the process.  Because that holds the potential for the whole song within it, and I can go back to the feel of the inspiration of the thing, and I listen over and over till its really in my head by memory.. because the song really is there.. it’s just the uncovering of a few rocks to find where the pieces had fallen, or using the chiseling metaphor of the statue.. I then can chip away all that isn’t the song and there she stands..


I know everybody is different.  its neat to see different methods.

I have gleaned a lot from tuning into the way Swami talks about writing songs.

He gets a rough idea,

Then he’ll say “I want a song that says this, this and this  (whatever his current inspiration is…)

then presses God right then and there.. “and the melody is…” (with great intense anticipation).

And.. there it is ..pretty much every time (over 400 times)

Wow, I better get to work.

Yah, fun stuff…



Uncover treasure..

It’s a secret magic message trying to show itself..

Maybe its on the roadside..

Maybe it’s syllables are in what a bird just sang..

Don’t close yer eyes or space off.. it may just pop into your head and disrupt your workday..haha


Bring one sentence to work with you.  Something that’s intriguing and stirs your heart.

Something you can think about.  Make a nursery rhyme around that thought… a goofy one even. 

Hum it along as you the back of your mind.

It’ll morph itself with other similar thoughts and even some rhymes.

You gotta have big fun with this.

(silly ..aint i)






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